Friday, 7 July 2017

TimberNook Recount!

On the 6th Of July 2017,
we went to TimberNook!
We started on building a hut!
It was a lot of hard work!
We used a lot of Home Materials!
Me, Shikarn and Noah owned the hut!
We all had lunch in it!
Pretty Cool Right?
There was more activities to go around,
But we wanted to stay in our hut!
All of the fun was accepted!
Students at TimberNook wanted to take over huts!
Really Mean right?
I had to stop them before Our hut got taken over.
I was using a Sharpness V Sword. (Stick with five hands)
I loved Playing at TimberNook!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Incident with Space's facts!

Hey Everyone,
we have had a Incident with Space's facts!
One part of the Imovie got deleted!
Me and Kareem have decided we must cancel the Movie!
Sorry for the Inconvidience!

My House Drawing!

Welcome back to my blog again!
I have Created a house for you guys!
I worked on it for maths,
But things didn't quite go as planned...
Bye Everyone,
Have a good School hoildays!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Welcome back to My blog!
Today I am Releasing a Screencastify!
Of a Poem!
Here you go!
See you at Term 3!

Friday, 30 June 2017

Lost in a Mine!

Welcome Back Everyone!
Today we are going to show you a story that I have been working on.
There is a Animation Version,
So Remember to check that out!

Lost in a mine, They go on a journey to go Mining. “My Prince and Princess!” “Yes King Iron?” “You have to go mining again.” “Ok King Iron” And they Go into the Mine.

They Found a Ravine and they must jump, Otherwise, Go back! They Swapped to their Pickaxes. Prince Gold jumped Without Even being Scared. Princess Lapis Decided to jump With no armor!
Prince Gold Said “Fine!” And She Jumped in the Water. Prince Gold Said “You Made it!” Princess Lapis said “Let's go mining.”

They Found a Cave with tons of Rare Ore! Princess Lapis said “There is so many Rare Ore in this cave!” Prince Gold said “Queen diamond will be proud of us!” Princess Lapis said “Let’s Just Mine.” A Villager Said “What are you doing here?” Prince Gold said “Well, What are you doing here?” Then Another Villager Said “Well, What are you doing here?” The First Villager said “GET OUTTA HERE LIBRARIAN!” Princess Lapis said “Who are you?” The Villager said “I’m Fenix, The Ore Smith.” Princess Lapis Said, “Why are you called “The Ore Smith”?
Because People gave me too much Ore! “And I Need to Sell Some Ore for more Diamonds, Emeralds,
Redstone and Iron.”
Fenix Said “Hang on I need to check my inventory.”
And he checked his inventory.” And he had one Ore Potion.
The Ore Potion Gives all the good Potion Effects.
He Brewed Ore inside a Brewing Stand to make The Ore Potion.

So Fenix gave them 5 Ore Potions Each as a gift. They Said, “Thank you!” Fenix Said, “Your Welcome!

And They had found there way back home and they lived happily ever after!

The End!

Goodbye Everyone!
Hope you have a great 2nd School Holidays!

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Space's Facts Trailer!

Hey Everyone!
Today we have a release Tralier For our Followers!
We have Created a Imovie called...
Space's Facts!
We will be Releasing The Movie on
The 5th Of July!
Here is the Trailer!
Kareem is the Expert!Be ready to get your mind Blown!
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Monday, 26 June 2017

Minecraft: Mob attack: Board game

Hey Everyone!
Today I am going to show you a Board game I have Created!
No Board Created!
I Made it a Make it yourself instruction.
Here is my Instructions!

1:To see who starts roll a dice and the person who gets the highest number starts.

2: First player, Roll the dice and move along the board that many numbers
but if you roll a one,as you go, you get /Killed. (Go back to the start)

3: If you roll a six, you have an opportunity to choose someone to /clear. (Lose all their cards) [Lose all their power ups] or go ahead 6 spaces.

Extras: Tournaments are allowed. If you have 10 or more players.
People VS Mobs. (Team Battle) [If you have an even number of players]
{Not one player in each team}

Materials needed:

Homemade Game board.

1x dice.

2x or Counters or any other materials.

If you win, you are just like this guy who kills mobs without running away!

Can you Keep Secrets?
It is my Birthday in Tomorrow! (GMT)
On my YouTube Channel,
I will be doing a Live Stream to talk to you guys on my special day!
Make Sure you have my Notifications on,
Make Sure you Subscribe to my channel!
When the live Stream is on.
See you later!